3D Cad

3D Cad

SB3D are experienced in taking your thought from an idea to a digital prototype. With your input and our know-how your concept can quickly develop in a three dimensional environment.

Once completed we can provide the necessary details for product analysis, costing and evaluation exercises to reduce financial risk.

We use solid and surface modelling techniques to create an accurate unambiguous digital representation of your new developments.

These models contain all of the details required to build physical prototype through to final CAM data and can be interrogated for critical information early on in the process.

Traditional 2D drawings remain a critical deliverable in product development from general communication through to fully toleranced manufacturing, fabrication and assembly drawings.

We can quickly and efficiently provide working drawings direct from 3D CAD data.

Once the digital model has been produced we can create marketing quality renderings to enable management and clients alike to make informed decisions.

To achieve realistic results we can apply textures, logos and decals appropriate to your brand.